What is your background?  I am a freelance writer and artist who loves creating in all forms, especially crafts and projects that infuse meaning and memories into home decor.   Home is the most important place to me because it is where the greatest loves of my life reside—my children and husband. 
Where did the name, Cricket Nest, come from?  When I was a child, my father gave me the nickname, Cricket.  From him, I can also trace my love for interior design.  My mother always made our home special and showed her love for us through her creativity.  Whether it was a holiday, birthday or just a regular day, she made even the small moments memorable by thinking up ways to make us feel special.
Both my parents always made our home warm and filled with love, and I try to create that same feeling for my own family by creating or finding objects that have meaning and tell stories that make us smile.
What words would you use to describe your design style? Rustic. Classic. Natural. Timeless.  Sentimental.  Meaningful.  Vintage.  Shabby chic.
Do you sell products seen on this blog, do commissions, create custom décor and offer design advice?  Sure, just contact me, and we can talk.  If you see something featured on this blog, such as a pillow, artwork or other project, I am willing to replicate these or do custom work to meet your needs.  I’m happy to help make your vision into a reality.  As far as design advice, think of me as that girlfriend that loves design.  I'm willing to give my opinion on your design challenges.