Sunday, January 22, 2012

Willow Branch Curtains

Welcome to Cricket Nest!  I've decided to move the art and home decor projects that I love to share over here instead of posting them on our family blog.  Please pass this blog along to anyone you know who might enjoy some creative inspiration about how to make a home personal, unique and infused with meaning and memories.  I might someday open an Etsy Shoppe again with new products and art, but I'm taking everything slowly here, folks.
My first DIY project that I am so excited to share--our new dining room curtains. 

 The problem: We love the large windows, but the room felt cold and unfinished. 
 The challenge: To create curtains that warmed up the space without blocking the light and view of the pond that we adore. 

They create a soft glow that warms up the room without sacrificing any light.  They are so thin--almost the texture of cheese cloth.  And, the natural linen works with our rustic farmhouse look.

The tree branch curtain rods are the wow factor.  We looked for branches in the woods, but they were all soaked to the core (this is Seattle after all).  So, we checked Craigslist and immediately found these willow branches for the bargain price of $2 each.

And, the flowers?  No-sew, super easy, and affordable!  I found a tutorial online and enjoyed making these because each one turned out differently.  Warning:  making these can be a little addictive.

We are thrilled with how these curtains turned out--they are now our favorite element in our home.  This was the most fun my hubby and I have had doing a home project together.  We enjoyed deciding how to hang the branches and where to put the flowers--it was surprisingly loads of fun! 

When I initially sketched this out, I wasn't sure if it would actually work.  This project reminded me not to be afraid to take a risk with home decor--it might actually turn out to be your favorite thing you've ever done!

A few more shots...

Hope this inspires you to go out on a limb (haha) and try something new!

                                                                                 XOXO Cricket